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Management Team

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  1. Consultant Haemato-Oncologist and E Health Consultant
    Chairman of Telehealth Program (10 years)
    Dr. Mohd. Hishamuddin Bin Harun

    MD (UKM); M. Med (Int. Med) (UKM) , DBA (USA), D.Med.Sc (Haematology) (UKM) AM (Malaysia)

  2. Health Economic Consultant
    Mohd Rashidan Abd Rasit
    BA (Econ.) (UKM) , Msc (Health Economics)(UKM)

  3. Legal Consultant
    K Pathmanathan
    LL.B (UK) , Master in Law (UK) , DBA (UK)

  4. Finance Consultant
    Tom Hsiao
    A.B in Biology (Harvard College)

  5. Public Health and CPD Consultant
    Program Manager / CPD ( 8 Years)
    Dr Azidah Hashim
    MD (UKM) ,Master in Public Health (UKM) , Phd in Public Health (UKM)

  6. PHIE Consultant
    Program Manager / PHIE (10 Years)
    Dr Azibah Hashim
    MD (UKM)

  7. Alternative Medicine Consultant
    Dr Daniel Chung
    Hong Kong & China PRC

  8. E Health Consultant
    Dr Abdullah Al Amro
    Saudi Arabia